Our Team

The only way to create great things every day is with amazing people who love what they do. Here at Rainbow Acres ~ Marina Del Rey, we take great pride in helping out all customers and answering any questions they have. We love enriching out customers with nutritional facts and finding the right product for them.

Committed to Customers

Nothing is more satisfying than our customers
letting us know how much they enjoy shopping
with us and that our products are outstanding.
Our food store is committed to providing you
and your family with the best in natural foods,
suppliments and locally sourced juices.

What Our Customers Think...

"After shopping at Rainbow Acres ~ Marina Del Rey I don't
think I could ever shop for food anywhere else
in town. Everything is just so fresh, and the
employees are really happy to see you."
– Stephen D.

Jesse - Retail

Anne-Marie - Retail

Cindy - Cafe

Issac - Cafe

Tyler - Retail

Jasmine - Cafe